Join As Campus Ambassador

Lawbazar Campus Ambassadors Program

Campus Ambassadors (CA) serves as an interface between Colleges and the Virtual Legal World. And it’s free to join!

This is a unique program that will help the students make their mark on the campus as well as a stepping stone to the Legal Profession. Through this, we identify leaders who are passionate and responsible for organizing different activities in colleges.

The Lawbazar Campus Ambassador Program is one of the initiatives to outreach the maximum students of India while giving them an opportunity to learn Legal professionalism and giving them exposure to working with the other students of the Law Schools and Colleges from all over India and overseas.

You will be the face, voice, and evangelist of Lawbazar at your College/University. You will be the champion of our vision of providing seamless digital access to every Legal Development in the Country and building the largest network of young Legal Brains all around the globe.

Who can apply?

Students pursuing an LLB or LLM course, having strong leadership traits and immense love for honing Legal Writing and Oratory skills, are most welcome to be a part of our extended family at their university.


Initially, the term will be for 6 months (it will be reviewed on the basis of work performance)

Perks for Campus Ambassadors

To hold the position of Campus Ambassador and lead Lawbazar in the concerned college is in itself is a matter of pride. But the opportunities come with the responsibilities too.

Some of the perks given to campus ambassadors are:

  • Certificate of Excellence as a Campus Ambassador from which will enhance your CV.
  • FREE Blog Publications
  • Exposure and Experience to work with the students from all over India.
  • Opportunity to work with the Well established and experienced professors and professionals of your field.
  • To learn professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management, etc.
  • Opportunity to make your special identity, you can write yourself as Campus Ambassador, Lawbazar in your email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook, Insta profiles, Blogs, personal pages, etc.
  • SPECIAL RECOGNITION will be given for outstanding contribution during events and competitions
    • The position will be a contractual basis and the person appointed can be removed from the post without any notice if the work found unsatisfactory.
    • Perks will be increased or decreased on the basis of your work.

What do We expect From a Campus Ambassadors?

The Campus Ambassadors will be an integral part of the Team Lawbazar. As a part of Lawbazar, we Expect the following from the Campus Ambassadors-

  • To Represent and lead the concerned college.
  • To communicate the events and happening of the organization in their college and get the results too.
  • To communicate any event happening in their college to Lawbazar.
  • An active internet user, interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media.
  • To complete the tasks/works given to them from time to time.
  • Hard-working, Honest and punctual candidate having good leadership, communication, and organizational skill.
  • To follow the code of conduct set forth by the organization and maintain its decorum and privacy at all times and situations.

How to apply?

Firstly, Click here for the Registration and then you can only have to email your CV to us on after approval.